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JP Other M Guide Slipcover

The Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M (任天堂公式ガイドブック Nintendō Kōshiki Gaidobukku?) is the official Japanese strategy guide for Metroid: Other M. Like the Japanese version of the game's boxart, it features a red slipcover with Samus Aran's face on it, in her Varia Suit. The actual cover of the book features the younger Samus's face on it, from her time with the Federation Army. Unlike the game's slipcover however, Samus's Visor on the guide's slipcover is not translucent.

The guide is split into several chapters: story & cast (for the characters), system (for the controls), tactics (a walkthrough of the game with a separate chapter for the climax of the game), data and world. In the middle of the book is an editor's note warning about the Pyrosphere door glitch.

It features exclusive artwork of enemies and characters, a series timeline including the Prime Series, and a "confidential" section at the back of the book that elaborates on plot elements. This confidential section confirms that James Pierce is the Deleter, that he killed K.G. Misawa, and that MB killed James after he failed to kill her. The guide also names the Ring Beam Units, Pow, Wadge and Zuru creatures as such.


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