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Nohadin gas

A Preed emitting Nohadin gas.

Nohadin gas is a poisonous gas emitted by Preeds and Dark Preeds in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The gas is highly corrosive and green in color. If an Ing takes possession of a Preed, the gas becomes even more dangerous (and the color of the gas changes to purple). One scan found on a dead Luminoth in the Undertemple Shaft room of Dark Torvus reveals that the target was killed by Nohadin gas. The scan reads:

"Bioscan complete. Luminoth subject expired 1.86 decacycles ago. Target Luminoth was exposed to heavy amounts of Nohadin gas. This is likely the cause of death."

The meta-viprium gas of Puffers is similar.



A Preed emitting Nohadin gas (artwork).

  • It is unknown if the gas that the Bulls of Zebes release when attacked in later appearances is Nohadin gas.

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