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These are the items found in Norfair, throughout its various appearances.


Major ItemsEdit

Ice BeamEdit

The middle door on the left of the tall eastern shaft leads Samus to what appears to be an insignificant corridor, but bombing the wall on the left reveals a hidden tunnel. This takes Samus to a Red Blast Shield, and the Ice Beam.

High Jump BootsEdit

Samus must bomb through the base of the bubble shaft and proceed through the first corridor on the left of the extended shaft.

Wave BeamEdit

Backtracking from Missile Tanks 10 and 11, Samus must ascend the shaft connected to their corridor until she finds another corridor consisting of eyeball constructs. When she comes to a small chamber, she must bomb through the floor and fall through false lava, then proceed through a hallway at the bottom. The Wave Beam is in a small room.

Screw AttackEdit

Samus must proceed left from the High Jump Boots (through a tunnel under the Chozo Statue) and shoot out the ceiling of the green bubble shaft she will come across. The Screw Attack is connected to a corridor on the immediate left, inside a small chamber.

Energy TankEdit

Samus must bomb through the base of the green bubble shaft and proceed through the door on the left, continue through the corridor and then enter the first door on the left of another bubble shaft. She will come to the Fire-Sea, where this Tank rests on a pedestal on the left.

Missile TanksEdit

Missile Tank 1Edit

On a pedestal halfway through the first corridor to the left of the main elevator.

Missile Tank 2Edit

Proceeding left from the aforementioned corridor, Samus must drop down the adjacent shaft to the first door on the right; this Tank is at the end of another corridor, again on a pedestal.

Missile Tanks 3 and 4Edit

After the Ice Beam, Samus will proceed left and find a shaft. She must climb to the door at the top of the room, bomb through several Bomb Blocks and continue right. Both Tanks are in plain sight.

Missile Tanks 5, 6 and 7Edit

Back in the large bubble shaft, through the door on the top left (under the ceiling), all in plain sight on separate platforms atop pedestals.

Missile Tanks 8 and 9Edit

At the bottom of the large bubble shaft (before the drop to Ridley's Lair), Samus must proceed through the corridor on the left and bomb through the hidden wall tunnel to find these Tanks in plain sight.

Missile Tanks 10 and 11Edit

Through a corridor consisting of eye-like constructs, Samus will find these two Tanks again in plain sight.

Missile Tank 12Edit

Returning from the Wave Beam's room, Samus must proceed through the door on the right of the shaft with the false lava nearby. She will find the Tank at the end of the corridor, through a Bomb Block-obstructed tunnel in the wall on the right.

Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

Major ItemsEdit

Ice BeamEdit

Through the first door up on the left of the tall green bubble shaft, and across from a corridor. Samus will be locked in by a Green Hatch; and must leave by using a Morph Ball tunnel under the Chozo Statue.

Hi-Jump Boots/Spring BallEdit

Samus must run through the massive cavern right of the elevator so that she will build up energy and penetrate the floor in the next room. Below, she must run through the door on the left and repeat the process to go deeper into the shaft. Below here, she must proceed through the corridor on the left to find the Boots.

Wave BeamEdit

From the extreme heat area connected to the Hi-Jump Boots' room, Samus must keep going to the very far left of Norfair. She will reach a shaft leading downward, and must penetrate its base, then descend the new shaft and proceed right until she reaches a small room connected to a Save Station. Finally, she must shoot the floor here and proceed left to find the Wave Beam in a small chamber.

Screw AttackEdit

The Screw Attack is on the middle left side of Norfair. Normally, it is obtained when returning from Ridley's Lair after defeating Ridley. The statue to the right of the elevator going down to the lair will collapse upon Ridley's defeat, revealing a Red Blast Shield. Going through the blast shield will take Samus to a room with a crumbled Chozo Statue. The floor in the room can be destroyed with Bombs, revealing a path to the left. At the end of the path is a Morph Ball launcher that sends Samus up through Speed Booster Block to an enclosed area with a door to the left. Alternatively, Samus can reach this area early, by Shinesparking through the Speed Booster Blocks. Heading through that door takes Samus to a room with another Red Blast Shield. In the room behind the door is a Chozo Statue holding the Screw Attack.

Energy TankEdit

Within the two Kiru Giru larvae's corridor, in the ceiling above the shed skin of the second creature.

Missile TanksEdit

Missile Tank 1Edit

The tank is in the hallway to the left of the elevator to Brinstar. It is on a floated block, that is partially blocked on the sides. Samus can either use the Power Grip or Turbo Bomb to get to the tank.

Missile Tank 2Edit

Going left from the previous tank, Samus will come across the elevator to Crateria. She must descend the shaft and head through the door on the right, then proceed through the following corridor, at the end of which she will find this Tank.

Missile Tank 3Edit

In the large cavern connecting to the Save Station after the elevator back to Brinstar, Samus must shoot enough of the floor to allow a Squeept to jump above, and then freeze it. She can then use it as a stepping stone to find this Tank in a small enclosure on a ledge.

Missile Tank 4Edit

Heading left from the Ice Beam's location, Samus must ascend the following shaft using frozen Rippers, then proceed right from the Chozo Statue. Crossing a pool of lava through freezing a Ripper, Samus must shoot out part of the wall in front of her, in which the Tank is hidden, and freeze another Ripper under her to use as a stepping stone (alternatively, she can use the Power Grip if she has it).

Missile Tank 5Edit

Samus must ascend the large green bubble shaft to the very top to find this Tank in a heated corridor.

Missile Tank 6Edit

After obtaining the Hi-Jump Boots, Samus must return to the bubble shaft and jump over the wall immediately in front of her, then drop down behind it.

Missile Tank 7Edit

Samus must break through the Boost Block floor of the bubble shaft (from the door to the large lava cavern) and descend the shaft on the left. Through the corridor, she will find another, heated corridor. This Tank is at the end of the room, hidden in a pillar made of Pit Blocks.

Missile Tank 8Edit

While Samus could use frozen Gamets to achieve the same effect, returning with the Space Jump will make obtaining this item far easier. Proceeding right from the Map Station, Samus must go as far as she can (until the dead-end) and shoot through the floor, then descend the new tunnel. In the next corridor Samus must shoot the wall where it meets the ceiling to reveal a tunnel bringing her to this Tank.

Missile Tanks 9 and 10Edit

Descending the shaft adjacent to the Map Station, Samus must break through the floor and descend the extended shaft. Heading right, she will come to a small room, and must break through the floor here and descend. She will then find a heated corridor, in which the first Tank is hidden in the ceiling. The second is at the end of the hallway.

Missile Tank 11Edit

After Samus kills the two Kiru Giru larvae in Norfair, she must build up a run in the corridor where she fought them and dash through the exit door to return to the bubble shaft. This Tank is in the wall in front of her, on the other side.

Missile Tank 12Edit

This Tank is visible in the corridor before the room where Samus finds the Screw Attack, but she will need that item before she can obtain the Tank.

Missile Tank 13Edit

Descending the floor at the base of the shaft connected to the Map Station, Samus must break through the floor and drop into the lava. Proceeding left, she will find the final Tank in Norfair on the right side of the shaft. A Power Bomb will reveal it.

Super Missile TanksEdit

Super Missile Tank 1Edit

Samus must build up a run in the large room to the right of the main elevator, and Speed Boost through the floor in the next room. She will come through a door to an extreme heat area and must proceed left. A series of tricky Turbo Bombs will bring Samus to this Tank.

Super Missile Tank 2Edit

Following to the farthest right from the Norfair Map Station, Samus must bomb through the floor and proceed through the left door. She will come to a hallway where this Tank rests on a pedestal in midair above Lava. The Space Jump makes obtaining this easy, but the Ice Beam can also be used to freeze Gamets as stepping stones.

Power Bomb TankEdit

This Tank is in lava. To get to it, Samus must descend the shaft adjacent to the Map Station, and then descend the shaft under the first. She will find that the base of it is filled with lava, and must break through the floor and proceed to find another large shaft entirely filled with lava. Using a Power Bomb, Samus will find Missile Blocks in the left wall. Through these and at the top of the next shaft is the Tank.

Super MetroidEdit

Major ItemsEdit

High Jump BootsEdit

Samus must descend the main elevator shaft and proceed left through, then descend another shaft and reach another door on the left. In the following room, she must shoot the upper part of the wall in front of her, leaving the Boots right for the taking.

Speed BoosterEdit

Through the upper right door in the large green bubble cavern, Samus will eventually reach a long, sloping cavern, through which she must sprint while avoiding enemies. The room at the end contains the Speed Booster. After obtaining it, Samus will need to use it to quickly escape from the room and corridor before they are submerged in lava.

Ice BeamEdit

Starting from the first door on the left in the elevator shaft, Samus must sprint through the shutters until she reaches the end of the corridor, then cross the pits of lava in the next corridor. She must then ascend a shaft while avoiding Funes, bomb the floor at the top and then crawl into an opening in the wall (she can see Sovas entering and exiting it). The Ice Beam is in a chamber on the other side. The Early Ice Beam trick can also be used.

Grappling BeamEdit

Following Crocomire’s defeat, Samus must move through the rooms past his remains until she finds a massive cavern. Building up a run, she must jump to the top left ledge, where the door to the Beam’s room is.

Wave BeamEdit

Starting from the main elevator, Samus must proceed through the first door on the right. Continuing right until she reaches a large green area, she must somehow get to the lower of two doors on the right. This leads to a long shaft; Samus must proceed through the top right door and traverse the following corridor until she reaches the Shutter. After opening it, she must continue forth, using the grapple to cross a chasm she finds, and then she will find the Wave Beam.

Screw AttackEdit

Following the defeat of the Golden Torizo, immediately in the room afterward. Can be acquired without fighting the Golden Torizo by using a Green Gate Glitch to access the room from the back way.

Energy TanksEdit

Energy Tank 1Edit

Obtainable immediately after entrance into Norfair. Samus must descend the elevator shaft and proceed through the last door on the left. This room also leads to the High Jump Boots.

Energy Tank 2Edit

Across the lava pit in which Crocomire melted. Samus can get there in either of two ways: she can return here after obtaining the Grappling Beam and use it to swing on the Grapple Points, or she can Shinespark.

Energy Tank 3Edit

After the enormous cavern that filled with lava, Samus will reach the area leading up to Ridley. Continuing right brings her to a darkened chamber with terrain shaped like a creature's head. Proceeding into its "maw" will eventually bring her to the Tank, sitting under the "creature's" "arm".

Energy Tank 4Edit

After Samus kills Ridley, she is free to enter the door he was guarding in his chamber, and find the Tank underneath the door. The room also contains the baby's broken capsule.

Reserve TankEdit

Samus must use a Grapple Point to reach the Green Hatch on the top left of the large green bubble room. Going inside, she must jump to the left wall and shoot down to trigger a shutter. After it stops rising, Samus must bomb the wall and traverse the hidden tunnel to locate a secret door. This Tank is at the end of a lava-filled corridor.

Missile TanksEdit

Missile Tank 1Edit

Immediately after obtaining the High Jump Boots Samus will run into this Tank as she leaves.

Missile Tank 2Edit

Over the destructible platform in the large green bubble cavern, Samus must jump to the right corner and drop through the floor to find this Tank beside spikes.

Missile Tank 3Edit

Above the door to the room with the Speed Booster, in a block.

Missile Tank 4Edit

Through the door in the top left corner of the green bubble cavern, suspended above lava.

Missile Tank 5Edit

Within the Reserve Tank's room, revealed by shooting the first platform from the Reserve Tank's ledge.

Missile Tank 6Edit

Embedded into the wall on the western side of Norfair; shooting the wall will reveal it. Samus must be very careful, as the shaft is full of ledges consisting of Pit Blocks, and she risks constantly being dropped down. Mastery of the Wall Jump can be helpful.

Missile Tank 7Edit

A door on the right of the base of the shaft leading to the Grappling Beam brings Samus to a corridor with the Tank at the end.

Missile Tank 8Edit

Samus must go up through the entrance to Crocomire's chamber and ascend the shaft. Traveling to the top of the cavern nearby, Samus will find several Grapple Points on the ceiling she must use. This Tank is on a ledge beside a Super Missile shutter.

Missile Tank 9Edit

Directly outside the Wave Beam's chamber, on a ledge next to the shutter.

Missile Tank 10Edit

Through the second door on the right of the main elevator, Samus will find a chamber with three lava-filled "pits". The third of these contains the Tank in the lava. While Samus doesn't need the Gravity Suit to obtain it, the Suit will stop damage from lava.

Missile Tank 11Edit

The Shinespark is the most effective method of reaching this Tank. It is situated on a ledge on the top right of the large cavern before the Grappling Beam. Otherwise Samus can use the Grappling beam on many Ripper 2s on the ceiling, though the former is far easier.

Missile Tank 12Edit

Just above the Golden Torizo's chamber, suspended on a ledge beside Pit Blocks. Samus must take great care not to fall when going for this Tank. This pickup is inaccessible unless Samus has the Space Jump because, for unknown reasons, the Chozo Statue in the room to the left will not activate untill she has it.

Missile Tank 13Edit

Going forward from the Golden Torizo, Samus will reach the top of a shaft inhabited by Namihe and Yellow Space Pirates. Shooting out the roof will allow Samus to proceed higher, and give her access to a shaft. This Tank is in an opening in the left wall.

Though likely coincidental, it is worth noting that the shape of the Tank's room resembles the head of Mickey Mouse.

Missile Tank 14Edit

In the darkened room with the monster-shaped mountain, Samus must ascend the shaft (taking care to avoid falling and rolling Boulders) and then walk through the wall on the left. This Tank is above in the next room, in plain sight.

Missile Tank 15Edit

Following the last Missile, Samus must take the door on the left side of the room and move through a shaft with rising and falling lava. A Power Bomb will reveal an opening in a platform that brings Samus to a chamber in the wall; the Tank is inside.

Super Missile TankEdit

Defeating the Golden Torizo and obtaining the Screw Attack will enable Samus to obtain this Tank. It is found near where the Torizo dropped from the ceiling, obstructed by Bomb Blocks. This pickup can be acquired during the fight with the Golden Torizo.

Power Bomb TanksEdit

Power Bomb Tank 1Edit

After obtaining the Grappling Beam, Samus must backtrack to the large cavern in which she had to Shinespark to get the item, and use it to swing across a Ripper to an adjacent ledge, containing the door to the chamber with this Tank.

Power Bomb Tank 2Edit

Coming to a corridor inhabited by Dessgeegas, Samus must lay a Power Bomb to open up a passage further into Ridley's Lair and also reveal a hidden tunnel in the left wall, behind which is the Tank.

Power Bomb Tank 3Edit

Where the 14th Missile Tank was located, Samus must bomb through the wall behind it and proceed through the exposed passage. After navigating a Pit Block tunnel, she will find the door to this Tank.

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