Noxious gasses - Sky Puffer

A Sky Puffer releasing noxious gasses.

Noxious gasses[1] are a toxic gas that makes up the atmosphere of Elysia, a gas giant planet in the Federation Solar System. This gas causes the lower atmosphere of the planet to be inhospitable for life-forms. When the Chozo inhabited Elysia, they created SkyTown, a city in the air in order to live on the planet. No native living creatures are encountered on SkyTown during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption; the city is inhabited entirely by mechanoids.

The only life-form that can survive Elysia's noxious gasses is the Sky Puffer; a creature that feed on the gas. When killed, Sky Puffers will explode and release tan-colored gas from their bodies, which quickly dissipates. This makes it similar to the Meta-viprium gas and Nohadin gas of other Puffers throughout the Prime Series.

Despite Elysia's gaseous atmosphere being inhospitable to humans, Samus Aran is able to survive in her Zero Suit as seen in the Special Ending of Corruption. This may be due to the Chozo blood she was infused with in order for her to be able to live on Zebes. However, gas emitted by Sky Puffers will cause damage to the shielding of her Power Suit.


  1. ^ Sky Puffer Logbook entry (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption): "The external shell of the Sky Puffer is incredibly fragile, susceptible to most small arms fire. Only a few shots from basic weapons can damage it. Sky Puffers are native to the planet Elysia. They feed on the various noxious gasses in the atmosphere. They are especially fond of Phazon gas."

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