Olbaps were animals apparently kept as pets by Space Pirates along with Gronkats. They were all force-terminated after they suffered negative effects from Phazon. Since these creatures have not been actually encountered, nothing else is known of this species, and no images exist of them. The only mention of Olbaps in the Metroid series is in a scan in the Central Dynamo room in Metroid Prime. Unspecified Pirate pets were also referenced in Another Side Story.


"The keeping of pets has been suspended until further notice. Domestic beasts have been deemed highly susceptible to Phazon madness, and are thereby a hazard to personnel. All Gronkats and Olbaps must be disposed of immediately. Failure to comply will result in the loss of pay for a cycle and reduced rations."


  • Although the name of the creature, Olbap, is mentioned plurally, the name of this creature, if spelled backwards, is "Pablo."