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Even old people are busy these days.

—Old Bird

Old Bird

Old Bird as seen in the Metroid Manga.

Old Bird is a Chozo from Zebes. He had found Samus on K-2L after the attack, and brought her to Zebes (though Grey Voice was not pleased at this). He thereafter acted as a foster father to her: it was he who decided to infuse her with Chozo blood, train her, and give Samus the Power Suit to defend the universe. When she returns to a ruined Zebes as a Federation Police Force officer, Samus hears his final communication before fleeing with (most of) the rest of the Chozo.

A far older version of Old Bird also appears in the Super Metroid comic, living on the Nest. Armstrong Houston and Samus arrive from Zebes after her Power Suit is damaged. As Samus recovers, he explains the story of Samus and the Chozo to Armstrong. Samus then insists to Old Bird to use a Power Bomb to heal all her wounds. Despite his fear of Samus's greater injury if the tactic fails, Old Bird goes ahead with Samus's plan, and it succeeds.

Old Bird's first in-game appearance was the Japanese version of Metroid Fusion's Hard Mode endings, and more recently in Metroid: Zero Mission.

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Drawing of Old Bird, a young Samus, and Grey Voice in Metroid: Zero Mission.



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