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Orange Doors are doors that have an orange energy shield across them that can only be disabled by high amounts of heat. Thus these doors can only be opened by the Plasma Beam. They are only found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. There is a similar Red Door in the original Metroid Prime.

Orange Doors appear at the midway point of the game, most frequently on SkyTown and the Pirate Homeworld. They can also be seen throughout Bryyo and the G.F.S. Valhalla.

List of rooms with Orange DoorsEdit

Logbook entriesEdit


Scan images for Galactic Federation Orange Doors.

Logbook entries
Galactic Federation Orange Door "All Federation doors are designed with a low-level energy shield to prevent accidental activation. Shooting the energy shield will activate and open the door. Orange-colored energy shields may only be opened with high-temperature shots."
Bryyo Orange Door "Bryyo doors are carved from heavy stone native to the planet. Each door has been designed with a low-level energy shield. This shield is specially designed to only be disrupted by high-temp shots."
SkyTown Orange Door "All SkyTown doors contain a low-level energy shield behind their ornate carvings. Shooting the energy shield will activate and open the door. The centuries-old design has served as a blueprint for what is now standard across all planets. Orange-colored energy shields can only be disrupted with high-temp Beams."
Space Pirate Orange Door "Space Pirate doors are based on stolen Federation technology. They all include a low-level energy shield that will open the door when shot. Orange shields will only react to high-temp shots."

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