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"Looks like a pile of rags..."

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Ornamental frames are ceiling decorations created by the Chozo and left behind on SkyTown, Elysia. They are etched with markings in the Chozo language that are illegible to Samus' Translator Module. They are present in Main Docking Access and Landing Access, and obstruct Samus' path by hanging over the chasms in both rooms. She can destroy them by firing a Missile or a charged shot at them. Once destroyed, Samus can Grapple (in Main Docking Access) or Screw Attack (in Landing Access) across the corridors.

Identical frames, which are not transparent, play a similar role in the Construction Bay. They cannot be destroyed with weapons fire, and must be released by using Bomb Slots in a tunnel above them.


"Ornamental frame appears very fragile. Glasswork is etched with illegible Chozo markings."

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