Chozo Statue Head

Ben Sprout render, Main Docking Bay

Ou-Qua was a Chozo architect who was responsible in creating SkyTown at Elysia. The Chozo bust can be found at SkyTown, Elysia at the Main Docking Bay. The lower jaw of the statue is said to be weak in integrity due to violent winds in its scan. The jaw is destroyed when Ghor throws Samus' Gunship at it. The jaw breaks and blocks Samus' escape. It is made of Meltable Metals vulnerable to high temperatures, however, so her Plasma Beam can destroy it after she has witnessed Ghor's death.


"GF Database accessed. File ST-413. Chozo bust represents Ou-Qua, a key architect in SkyTown's creation."
"Structural integrity at minimum. Severe winds have deteriorated all support structures over time."


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