Oubliette - multiplayer

A multiplayer map of the Oubliette.

Upon completing Metroid Prime Hunters, the Oubliette becomes a multiplayer stage, based on the final room in the game.

The level is essentially similar to the setting of the battle with Gorea's second form at the conclusion of the single-player game. The arena appears to be composed out of mostly dirt and blocks of rock. It is medium-sized, and looks to be based upon Alimbic aesthetics. The atmosphere appears to be covered with a green smog of sorts, implying possibly radiation or the like. None of the six Affinity Weapons are in the stage (although there is some Missile Ammo). However, at the top ledge of the level the Omega Cannon can be found (in single-player it was at the very bottom). The Cannon is used up after a single shot, and must be picked up again before being fired. A Cannon shot will instantly kill any hunter whom it touches, and then explodes upon contact with any solid object into many small fragments of light, each of which deal significant damage to any other hunter on contact, generally killing that hunter. The Cannon can cause many accidental self-destructs.

The Omega Cannon's presence makes an Oubliette match a sort of "King of the Hill" game, as the hunters race to grab and defend the Omega Cannon from the others. The stage can be selected for several modes, but the Omega Cannon only appears in Battle.

Gorea's second form must be killed in single player to unlock the Oubliette multiplayer stage. Its battle music is used as the main theme on this stage.

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