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After the Seed was destroyed, these weird glowing creatures started showing up all over the place. We weren't able to damage them, so you may want to watch out.

Demolition Trooper in Transit Station Leviathan

A Phaazoid
Featured in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Known worlds Found on planets with a destroyed Leviathan:
Pirate Homeworld
Distinctions Floating sentient Phazon mass
Weakness(es) Vulnerable only to Phazon-based attacks

A Phaazoid is a creature made out of Phazon energy, formed when a Leviathan is destroyed. They fire Phazon-based rings at enemies. Phaazoids can only be harmed by Phazon attacks. If hit enough times, Phaazoids will split into two smaller Phaazoids. Destroying a small Phaazoid will cause it to split into two even smaller creatures resembling homing aerial mines. Samus can destroy each with one Hyper Mode shot. Some Phaazoids, when split, will create one normal and one red small Phaazoid. These Red Phaazoids are more aggressive, stronger, and, when destroyed, drop one Gold Credit instead of mines. Unlike other credits, credits dropped by Phaazoids are dropped like any pickup, and must be drawn in and touched before it will register.

Despite the fact that their name begins with "Phaaz-", they are not found on Phaaze, as they are only created when a Leviathan is destroyed. Thus, Phaazoids are only found on Bryyo, Elysia, and the Space Pirate Homeworld after the destruction of the respective planet's Leviathan. It is unknown if they started appearing on Tallon IV and Aether after the destruction of their seeds.


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