Area 1 chozo ruins

Samus at the main entrance of the Chozo settlement in Area 1.

Area 1 (originally known as Phase 2) is an area of SR388 in Metroid II: Return of Samus and its remake, Metroid: Samus Returns.

It is the second area Samus visits on her mission to exterminate all Metroids on SR388.


Area 1 is explored after the first Alpha Metroid on the Surface is defeated, causing the purple liquid to drain for the first time and opening access to Area 1. The area is set in and around a large Chozo settlement.

In Samus Returns, the area is still very close to the Surface of SR388, as rays of sunlight can be seen shining down from the ceiling. There are many natural waterfalls that have started flooding the Chozo ruins, resulting in many of the rooms Samus visits having a small layer of water at the bottom. In both SR388-set games, this area contains not only the Ice Beam, but also the Bombs and Spider Ball, making it the area where Samus will use her Morph Ball ability the most. In Samus Returns, this area contains a superheated room, which Samus cannot safely explore without the Varia Suit later acquired in Area 2.

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  • The Chozo Statue in this area is the only one of four that is not destroyed by a boss character (being instead destroyed by a cave-in). The other destroyed Chozo Statues were destroyed by a boss character (the one in Area 2 is destroyed by Arachnus, the one in Area 4 was implied to have been destroyed by the Diggernaut offscreen, and the one in Area 6 was destroyed by the robot).