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"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

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These are the items that appeared in Phase 2.

Major ItemsEdit


The Bombs are in the ruins of Phase 2. At the bottom of the first shaft is a hallway to the left. At the end of the hallway is a Red Blast Shield. Inside are the Bombs.

Ice BeamEdit

To get the Ice Beam, Samus must proceed forward from the only Save Station in the area, and fall down the long shaft. At the bottom, she must cross into the corridor on the right and destroy the Red Blast Shield. The Beam is in an Item Sphere in the grasp of a Chozo Statue, and can also be found in Phase 7 and Phase 9.

Spider BallEdit

In the massive main chamber of the area, Samus must proceed to the far right end and enter the small cavern leading downward. She will find the Spider Ball in a tunnel in a chamber with bushes.

Energy TankEdit

To get this Tank, Samus must drop down the shaft on the right of the main cavern, and proceed into the next shaft on the left. She must jump down to the next ledge on the left and proceed into the following room. The Tank will be on a platform in midair.

Missile PodsEdit

Missile Pod 1Edit

After getting the Bomb, Samus can lay a bomb on the ground under the Chozo Statue and fall into a small tunnel, where she will find the Pod. This Tank is in the same place in Metroid: Samus Returns.

Missile Pods 2 and 3Edit

Both of these Pods are in separate boxed-in areas in a corridor under the large main cavern of Phase 2. Samus must shoot a block or two to get to them.

Missile Pods 4, 5 and 6Edit

At the top of the tall shaft on the right under the main cavern, Samus must drop down to the last ledge on the right and proceed into the following corridor. Here she will find all three Missile Pods in boxed-in areas. One of these is above on the ceiling. As with the previous two Pods, blocks around the boxed-in Pods must be shot to gain access to them. The High Jump Boots may or may not be required to reach the high one.