"Bigbug02" in the background of Area 2.

Area 2 (originally known as Phase 3) is an area of SR388 in Metroid II: Return of Samus and its remake, Metroid: Samus Returns.

It is the third area Samus visits on her mission to exterminate the Metroids of SR388.


After the four Alpha Metroids of Area 1 are defeated, the purple liquid drains, giving Samus access to Area 2. This area is again set in a Chozo settlement, and is the first area where Samus encounters Gamma Metroids. The boss Arachnus, (which is optional in Metroid II) is also encountered here.

In Samus Returns, the area has been turned into what resembles a hydroelectric power station built around natural caverns filled with water. There are large lava and water streams being held back with Chozo technology in the background. The largest room of Area 2 consists of a large water dam, with artificial waterfalls and many stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Area 2 has many underground geysers, and there are many large non-hostile creatures that live in the damp caverns. The lowest points of Area 2 contain many volcanoes that are presumably the cause of these geysers.

In both SR388-set games, Samus obtains the High Jump BootsVaria Suit, Wave Beam and Spring Ball from Arachnus. In Samus Returns, she also obtains the Lightning Armor Aeion ability.

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