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SR Area 3 Machines

Machines in the background of Area 3

Area 3, previously known as Phase 4 is an area on SR388. It is the fourth area explored in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns.

Complete Map of Phase 4: [1]

Metroid IIEdit

In Metroid II this area consist of two parts when heading right form the central path, the path splits going up leads to the third chozo ruins, and heading down leads into an lush area with poisonous plants, vines, restraining Metroid webs, and a hive at the top (two rooms filled with honeycombs).

Samus ReturnsEdit

The area is much more different than the original, featuring Chozo ruins, robotics, and an industrial complex. This area has the most robotic enemies out of all areas. This is where Samus accidentally awakens the Diggernaut.


Return of SamusEdit

Samus ReturnsEdit


Metroids foughtEdit


Main article: Phase 4/Items

Connecting areasEdit


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