SR Area 3 Machines

"Robotbig" and "Robotsmall" in the background of Area 3

Area 3 (originally known as Phase 4) is an area of SR388 in Metroid II: Return of Samus and its remake, Metroid: Samus Returns.

It is the fourth area Samus visits on her mission to exterminate all Metroids on SR388.


Phase 4 Purple Liquid

Purple liquid sealing off the tunnel to Phase 5

After Samus defeats more Alpha Metroids and her first Gamma Metroids in Area 2, she is able to visit Area 3 after the purple liquid has drained.

In Metroid II, Phase 4 consists of two parts. When heading right from the central path, the path splits. Heading down leads into an lush area with poisonous plants, vines, and restraining Metroid webs. Going up leads to a large sandy cave occupied by the third set of Chozo ruins. Phase 4 contains more robotic enemies than any other area of SR388, including several robots that are exclusively found in this area: Automs, Proboscums, a Shirk, and TPOs.

In Samus Returns, Area 3 has been expanded from the original and now has a big focus on Chozo robotics built for mining and tunneling deeper into SR388. The area features more Chozo ruins and has been turned into a mining industrial complex with working pistons visible in the background. Much like the original Phase 4, this area contains a large number of robotic enemies, and there are many Chozo mining robots out of order in the background. Area 3 is where Samus accidentally awakens the Diggernaut, which attacks her later during her mission.

The items obtained in Phase 4 in Return of Samus and Area 3 in Samus Returns are very different. In Return of Samus, Samus obtains the Space JumpSpazer Laser Beam and Plasma Beam. In Samus Returns, she only obtains the Grapple Beam and Beam Burst Aeion ability.

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