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Phase 5

An Octroll in Phase 5.

Area 4, previously known as Phase 5, is an area on SR388. It is the fifth explored area in Metroid II: Return of Samus, and is perhaps one of the smaller ones as well, featuring no powerups and only one Gamma Metroid. It also only features Octrolls as enemies.

In the remake Metroid: Samus Returns, the area is expanded and now features Halzyns, Tsumuri, Gawrons, Mumbo and Moheeks as enemies. The Spazer Beam, Space Jump and Super Missiles are all acquired here. After the Gamma Metroid is killed and Samus drains the dangerous liquid via the Chozo Seal, she will come across a second Seal requiring the destruction of three more Metroids.

Ascending an elevator shortly after, Samus comes across a damaged Chozo Statue, with its power-up missing. She is soon accosted by the Diggernaut robot she encountered earlier, which chases her through a series of mining caverns until she manages to trick it into believing she is dead. It leaves behind the Space Jump. Soon after this, Samus faces her first Zeta Metroid.


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