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Area 6, previously known as Phase 7, is an area on SR388. It is the seventh explored area in Metroid II: Return of Samus, and is very large in size. All four Beams are available here, due to the fact that they cannot all be used at once. However, if Samus Aran wants to use a certain beam at a certain time, she can simply reobtain it from the same location. A complete map of Phase 7 can be found here.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, the area is expanded. All of the items that were originally here have been moved to previous areas, and only one upgrade is present, the Power Bomb, which did not exist in Return of Samus. Initially, there is only one Metroid, a Zeta, to be fought here. However, after returning its DNA to the Chozo Seal of the area, the lower half of Area 6 floods with the dangerous liquid but opens up a new path, to a second Seal requiring one Metroid. The path continues back around to the upper half of Area 6, where Samus comes face to face with the first Omega Metroid. After destroying it, Samus continues through the caverns and is confronted by the Diggernaut, a rogue Chozo mining robot that she awoke earlier. She destroys it in a battle and obtains the only upgrade in this area, the Power Bomb.


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