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Omega Metroid in Phase 8

Samus fights an Omega Metroid.

Area 7, previously known as Phase 8, is an area on SR388. It is the eighth explored area in Metroid II: Return of Samus, and is very, very large, consisting of three separate areas blocked off by pools of purple liquid. It is here that Samus Aran encounters the only four Omega Metroids in the game. There are no items in this area, as Samus should already have collected all of them.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, the remake of Metroid II, the area is expanded and transformed into a laboratory. The music that was present in the first part of the E3 2017 trailer for the game plays here, titled "Chozo Laboratory" in Samus Archives Sound Selection. Unlike Metroid II, only three Omega Metroids are fought here; the first is battled in Area 6.

As Samus obtains her final Power Suit upgrade in Area 6, Area 7 has no Chozo Statues.

Chozo LaboratoryEdit

MSR Chozo Memory 05

Chozo and Metroids in what is presumably the Area 7 laboratory in Chozo Memory 05 in Metroid: Samus Returns

In Chozo Memory 05, several Chozo scientists are shown in a laboratory containing Metroids. The picture implies that the Metroids were created in this place. Evidence supporting this includes a monitor showing a Metroid and capsules like those in the picture, present in the lab. Additionally, the presence of the three Omega Metroids implies that they may have been some of the Metroids created at the facility that matured into their Omega stage.

Metroid Samus Returns Area 7 Metroid Laboratory - Baby & Samus (Chozo Laboratory)

Samus and the baby in the ruins of an apparent Metroid lab.

Additionally, sections of the laboratory are cold and contain snow. However, these areas are apparently not cold enough to kill Metroids as the baby can travel safely through them, indicating that they may have been used to render the Metroids sluggish. This is similar to how the Space Pirate Science Team built their Glacier One base in the Phendrana Drifts to render their Tallon Metroids sluggish for the purposes of controlling them.

In addition to apparent Metroid research, the laboratory contains a high tech observatory similar to that of Tallon IV. Presumably, the facility was the center of scientific study for the Chozo colony on SR388. As a result, the facility contains several robotic security units such as Autoad, Autrack, Gunzoo, and Wallfires.


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