Metroid Queen - Return of Samus

Samus encounters the Queen Metroid in Phase 9.

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Phase 9, otherwise known as The Queen's Lair, is an area on SR388. It is the ninth and final area explored in Metroid II: Return of Samus, housing the final Metroids on SR388, including the Queen Metroid itself. After defeating it, Samus witnesses a Metroid Egg hatch and give birth to the baby. Samus chooses to take it with her to Ceres Space Colony; it carves out substances and obstacles in the way as it orbits around her. This sets in motion the events of Super Metroid and subsequent sequels.


Metroids foughtEdit


Main article: Phase 9/Items

Connecting areasEdit


  • The substances that the Infant Metroid is capable of removing, which resemble diamonds with a cross-shaped mark, are never named in-game or in associated media. The fan remake of Metroid II called AM2R was going to take the liberty of revealing these substances (presented in the latter game as crystals) to be solidified X Parasites. Prior to Nintendo shutting down all future work on the remake, a post-credit cutscene was intended to be added that shows one of these solidified X return to its liquid state and infect a nearby Hornoad.
    • This revelation would have sense in the lore of the series. The diamond-like substances are impervious to all of Samus' weapons, yet easily disappear when a Metroid merely touches them; both of these traits are shared with the X Parasites.
  • The Ice Beam is the only item here because it is required to defeat the Metroids in the area. In the room containing it, the Chozo Statue supposed to hold it is broken, with the head being nearby. The Item Sphere containing the beam is right behind it. It is possible that the Metroids, perhaps the Queen herself, were aware of the item being held by the statue and knowing the danger it posed for them, attempted to destroy it.
  • When Samus travels through this area and first bypasses the Metroid Egg found, the Metroid Detector will raise from 1 to 9, indicating the 8 mature Metroids. However, if Samus re-crosses this area via escaping the Queen, the Metroids will not respawn, and the counter does not raise again. Also, the detector does not raise to 1 when the infant Metroid hatches; this indicates the counter does not take into account Metroid hatchlings (for unknown reasons) until these grow to the mature Larval Metroids more commonly seen in other games.
  • Despite this area being the main hive of the Metroids, most of it seems to be synthetic/artificial. Glass tubes and temple-like structures can be seen throughout Phase 9. The area might be heavily hinting on the existing connection between the Chozo and their creations, the Metroids.
  • With the presence of the Queen Metroid, Phase 9 may be the area on SR388 where the Chozo created their first Metroid.
  • Phase 9 is the most depicted area of SR388 in other media and games, as it is featured in flashbacks of the baby's hatching.


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