The Phazon Beam is an immensely powerful beam weapon that first debuted in Metroid Prime. Since then it has appeared in some form in the sequels, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

In Metroid PrimeEdit

In Metroid Prime, the Phazon Beam is used against the final boss, the eponymous Metroid Prime. When the corrupted Phazon Suit comes into contact with liquid Phazon, it goes into "Hyper-mode", supercharging Samus' Arm Cannon and allowing her to shoot a continuous stream of destructive energy. The Phazon Beam is the only weapon that can damage the second form of the Metroid Prime. Unlike the Hyper Beam given by the PED Suit, which can be fired anytime as long as Samus has enough energy to spare, she must step into a small pool of pure concentrated Phazon to use the Phazon Beam, meaning it can only be used when Metroid Prime creates them. Samus can only utilize the Phazon Beam as long as there is Phazon to draw from; each shot uses up Phazon in the pool, so she must make the most of it. The Charge Beam is incompatible with this version of the Phazon Beam; holding down the fire button will allow for a continuous beam attack. This chaotic version of the Beam weapon is seemingly the precursor to the more controlled and streamlined Phazon Beam accessed through the PED Suit in Metroid Prime 3.

In Metroid Prime 2: EchoesEdit

Phazon bullets

Samus draws in Phazon expelled by Dark Samus in Echoes.

Main article: Phazon bullets

Dark Samus wields the same Phazon Beam from the previous installment, along with the Phazon Suit. It retains all functions, and since Dark Samus can store Phazon like energy, it can be used by her at any time, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Samus also uses a sort of Phazon Beam in this game, although it is not an actual power-up. In the final boss fight, Dark Samus occasionally fires tiny Phazon bullets that Samus must catch with the Charge Beam. When three are absorbed, Samus can fire them back at Dark Samus to damage her dark rival. Any beam will work with this, so charged Phazon versions of the Power, Dark, Light, and Annihilator Beams exist.

In Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionEdit

Hyper Mode

The Hyper Beam being used in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Main article: Hyper Beam (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

Once Samus attains the PED Suit, she gains the ability to enter Hypermode at will, using the Phazon implanted in her by Dark Samus to power it. This variant of the Phazon Beam is called the Hyper Beam. Unlike this weapon's predecessor, once she enters Hypermode, Samus can fire single blasts of Phazon energy or charge it up. The charged version of this has Samus shooting out a rapid-fire stream of Phazon energy, dealing significant damage to nearly any enemy and using 4 units of energy per shot. As the charged shot is firing, the tip of the Arm Cannon spins, and the whole action looks similar to a gatling gun firing.

Official dataEdit

Official Metroid Prime websiteEdit

Weapon effect: Devastating effects on targets.

Weapon range: 3 - 10 m

Weapon potential: Lethal

"When Samus' Power Suit is corrupted by viral contamination, the Arm Cannon becomes capable of firing the powerful Phazon Beam. The Phazon Beam is only triggered in the presence of high concentrations of Phazon. The Phazon Beam has a devastating effect on its targets. The Charge Beam does not function when the Phazon Beam is active, but even the uncharged blast is fierce enough to make quick work of most foes."

Inventory dataEdit

Phazon Beam

Metroid Prime

Inventory entry

The viral corruption of the Power Suit has altered the Arm Cannon as well. It is now capable of firing the powerful Phazon Beam.

Samus's Notes

The Phazon Beam appears to trigger in the presence of high concentrations of Phazon.
Regular Arm Cannon functions return when Phazon is not present.
The Charge Beam does not function when the Phazon Beam is active.


  • The Phazon Beam is the first beam in the Metroid series that required ammunition in order to fire, in this case liquid Phazon.
  • The Phazon Beam briefly appeared in the trailer for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, where Samus jumped and then fired a powerful blast at the ground. This, along with Samus and her other abilities, did not appear in the retail version of the game due to reasons of copyright with Nintendo.
  • In the Metroid Prime Trilogy, if Prime is selected for play from the main menu after obtaining the Phazon Suit, a loading cutscene will play showing Samus in her Phazon Suit. The Arm Cannon is in Phazon Beam configuration, showing that the Phazon veins which form on the Arm Cannon when using this beam also extend to her right shoulder pad.
  • The Phazon Beam is powerful, but may only come second to the Omega Cannon and Hyper Beam. All three appear in one game only, and are used against the final boss.
  • The Phazon Beam can kill the Parasite Queen in one hit through hacking.
  • Evidence exists of a scrapped Charge Combo for the Phazon Beam.


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