Phazon Frenzy

Phazon Frenzy is a Mini-Game in Metroid Prime Pinball. In it, Samus must collect as many Phazon orbs as possible within a one minute time limit, it is not possible to extend this time limit.


Phazon Frenzy can only be activated from the Mode Saucer on the Pirate Frigate and Tallon Overworld tables. It only becomes available when Samus has completed all other Mini-Games on that table, Phazon Frenzy cannot be changed out of the Mode Saucer in any way except for losing a ball.


While Phazon Frenzy is active on the board, all lights flash uncontrollably and the music goes away. Each Phazon orb Samus collects awards her with 10,000 points. Every time the Morph Ball strikes a Phazon orb it ricochets off with a high velocity. The Force Field is active throughout the entire Mini-Game, however the Kickbacks can be taken offline. It is possible to do everything that is normally do-able on the board while the Phazon Frenzy Mini-Games is active except for activating another Mini-Game. Upon completion of the time limit, 50,000 points are added to the score and either an Artifact or an Extra Ball becomes available on top of the Combat Saucer.