Phazon Vine

Phazon vines are a Phazon-based plant life that is impervious to damage. Their large, Phazon filled flower-like growths, however, are weak to Phazon-based weaponry. When all growths are destroyed, the plant itself will disintegrate. These growths will re-generate if the vines are not destroyed, making it necessary to destroy them somewhat quickly. They are often found near Leviathans. They can also be found on Bryyo when Samus has her first Phazon Overload and on Elysia where they coat a Chozo Statue. When they are present, they emit the characteristic chiming noise associated with Phazon.

Samus uses the Hyper Beam or Hyper Ball upgrades to destroy the vines, allowing access to new areas. A tougher variation of the vines appear on Phaaze, but have an orange color and the growths sustain a larger, central growth resembling an unbloomed flower. Their color may be related to Orange Phazon.



"Phazon vines are impervious to attack, but growths are vulnerable to Phazon-based weaponry."

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