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Phendrana Drifts (known as Ice Valley in the Japanese release and Ice World in concept art) is an area on Tallon IV, explored by Samus in Metroid Prime. It is the fourth area that Samus must explore in the game.


Located far at the western and southwestern edge of the explorable Tallon IV areas and towering higher than the rest, the Phendrana Drifts are snowy and icy, with some parts filled with water. Major geographical features are a canyon, a lake, and several caves. The Drifts are relatively isolated, and can only be accessed (ironically) from the Magmoor Caverns.

Areas and main roomsEdit

There are three main areas in the Drifts:

NPC! MP Screen 6

Phendrana Canyon, the area Samus obtains the Boost Ball.


This is the first area explored in the Drifts. It houses the ruins of Chozo villages, as well as a snow-rich area of wildlife. As the name suggests, much of the area is or once was flooded. Thematically, this area is a polar habitat, and creatures are ice- and snow-themed.

Main RoomsEdit

Glacier One (Space Pirates Research Facility)Edit

On the opposite side of the Drifts, a Space Pirate research facility can be found, housing Metroids as well as Space Pirate contigents - relatively small in comparison to those found in the Phazon Mines. The Space Pirates chose this location to build their base as Metroids have a vulnerability to cold, which would make them much easier to contain. This research proved fruitful for the Space Pirates, who managed to develop the Thermal Visor and Thardus, a fusion of Talloric minerals and Phazon.

Research Lab Hydra NPC!

Research Lab Aether

Main RoomsEdit

Phendrana's EdgeEdit

This area is located, as the name suggests, in the depths of the Phendrana area. It contains no ruins and some Space Pirate activity. Most of the rooms are flooded with water beneath a certain point. Most puzzles here focus on the Gravity Suit, and the area, while retaining the general "snow" theme of the entire Phendrana area, is also oriented towards water and aquatic creatures.

Main RoomsEdit


Prime Trilogy Promotional Thardus Phendrana battle

Samus faces Thardus, the boss of the area.

Icy variations of other species, such as the Ice Shriekbat, Ice Burrower, and Ice Beetle can be found in this region, as well as some more unique species, such as the Sheegoth, Pulse and Scatter Bombus, and the Flickerbat, creating a rather diverse range of inhabitants. Two bosses are found in the area, an adult Sheegoth, and Thardus.

Meta Ridley can also be seen briefly, soaring above Phendrana Shorelines.


Phendrana canyon samus gets boost ball morph dolphin hd

Samus gets the Boost Ball in Phendrana Canyon.

Six suit upgrades can be found in the drifts. The Boost Ball is found on the first visit. On the second visit, Samus obtains the Wave Beam after defeating the Sheegoth, the Super Missile, and Thermal Visor in the Space Pirate research area and the Spider Ball after defeating Thardus. Later, the Gravity Suit can be tracked down here. Also found in the area are multiple Energy Tanks, Missile Expansions, and Power Bomb Expansions. Three Chozo Artifacts can be found here, which are the Artifact of Spirit, the Artifact of Elder, and the Artifact of Sun.

Energy Tank, Missile Expansion, and Power Bomb Expansion Locations


There are multiple themes that play through the area:

A remix of the main theme appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, playing in the Bryyo Ice region. Another remix plays on Arcterra in Metroid Prime: Hunters.


  • After the first Sheegoth is killed, many other rooms in Phendrana contain fully-grown Sheegoths, though they are noticeably smaller in size compared to the first.
  • The heat of Magmoor has seemingly no climatic effect on wintry Phendrana, not even any smoke from the mountains.


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