Rundas gunship crop

Rundas' gunship in Fiery Airdock.

A Phrygisian-Class gunship is a Galactic Federation spacecraft used by the Bounty Hunter Rundas. It can be seen in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption at the Fiery Airdock at Bryyo Fire, resting on a platform of ice. It is only revealed to be Rundas's when it is scanned.


The Phrygisian-class gunship appears to have three rotary engines, what seems to be two semi-triangular pieces of landing gear that may also be used for the ship's weapons storage (if it doesn't just use Rundas' weapon). Much of the ship's hull looks like Rundas' torso, as Samus Aran's Gunship looks like her helmet. It is currently unknown whether or not the pilot sits or lies down inside of the ship. The ship seems to have cryokinetic engines or the ability to generate ice, as indicated by the platform of ice it rests on.


Upon landing
"Phyrigisian-Class Gunship. GF records identify pilot as Rundas. The engines are still warm."
After defeat of Rundas
"Phyrigisian-Class Gunship. GF records identify pilot as Rundas. Pilot status: Deceased."


  • The Ship uses the same textures used on Rundas' model.


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