Pink Space Pirates are located in Super Metroid in certain areas of Maridia, one of the areas being the room which the Plasma Beam is obtained in. Once the beam is obtained, all Pirates must be killed to open the locked door. They wear Gravity Suit-like technology that allows them to move freely in water. They are invulnerable to all of Samus Aran's weaponry, except for normal Plasma Beam shots, the Speed Booster, and the Screw Attack. This may be because their armor is stronger than most other Space Pirates. However, they may also be killed quite easily by the Spin Jump Attack, even before the Plasma Beam is obtained. Hitting them with a Spin Jump Attack with the Ice Beam equipped may also allow the player to freeze them. A Charged Plasma Beam blast is incapable of penetrating the Pink Pirate's armor; only uncharged shots can damage them. This is because charge shots, Super Beam Attacks, and the Hyper Beam all share one vulnerability bit in the enemy's code. If they were to be weak to Charged Plasma Beam Shots, they would also be weak to Charged Power Beam Shots, negating the need for the Plasma Beam to defeat them. They seem to jump much faster off walls than other Space Pirates.

It is possible that this Pirate is a continuation of Aqua Pirate technology in Metroid Prime, which also have suits based on the Gravity Suit. Mermen Pirates in Metroid Fusion are also aquatic Space Pirates, albeit with mutations caused by X Parasites.

Curiously, a wall-climbing Pink Pirate is stronger than a wall-climbing Yellow Space Pirate.

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