An Assault Pirate Trooper carrying an alarm beacon, next to an activated antenna.

The Pirate Alarm System is a system of devices used by the Space Pirates on several Homeworlds. It varies from planet to planet.

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it activates when intruders are detected, followed by small antennas protruding from devices on the wall, flashing as they warn and summon Space Pirates to terminate the intruder. They are activated either by tripping laser devices or from small handheld alarms. Once the antennas are activated, Samus has a few seconds to shoot them until she runs out of time and is attacked by Space Pirates. There is another device also found on the same planet that appear as pairs of towers which produce a beam invisible to all but the X-Ray Visor. Serving a similar purpose, it was part of the Pirate Alarm System and would alert nearby forces (in particular Pirate Commandos) whenever Samus passed through it. Samus could avoid it by going into Morph Ball mode and moving beneath it. Sometimes, when Samus was sighted, Space Pirates would run in and activate a beacon that sent a distress signal.

In Metroid: Zero Mission, the Pirate Alarm System was used on the Space Pirate Mother Ship and on the excavated ruins in Chozodia. The first device that could set off the alarm was a visible green beam emitted by two small cylinder-like gadgets that, if breached, would result in Space Pirates instantly entering the room from nearby doors and run after Samus. Searchlights and floating-eye sensors could also trigger the Pirate Alarm System.


  • In the Metroid Manga, a device similar to the alarm system was used on Jigrad to measure the height of Jigrad children that were to become Space Pirate slaves. Those who were too short would not activate the device and would then be terminated. Samus and fellow Federation Police members interfered while it was in use, saving the lives of Damara and several other children. Later, Kreatz contemplated on selling it. Consisting of two portions, typically a pair of towers, it fires a beam that connects them.
  • The sound effect of the Pirate Alarm siren was reused from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, where it could be heard in the final report cutscene when the Dark Splinters attacked.