This article is about the Super Smash Bros. stage. For the actual planet, see Zebes.

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Planet Zebes

Planet Zebes is a starter stage in Super Smash Bros. located on the planet of the same name, the only stage representing the Metroid series in the game. It serves as the home stage of both Samus and Captain Falcon from the F-Zero series, as there is no F-Zero-themed stage in Super Smash Bros.


The base of the stage is jagged and two of the three main platforms are sloped at an angle. at the far right of the stage there is also a smaller platform, which goes up and down. Damaging Acid rises and lowers, which makes the fighting seriously difficult. Luckily, the stage shakes slightly before the acid rises, giving players time to climb to higher platforms for safety. The acid, may rise so high it covers all but the highest platform, leaving the players little space to fight. Due to these reasons as well as the size of the stage, Zebes is usally banned in competitive play but is occasionally used for doubles. Several enemies also fly through the background, such as sprites of Ridley and a Waver from Super Metroid. Brinstar, a stage in subsequent Super Smash Bros. games, is based on Planet Zebes.