Ben Sprout render elysia spire pod maintenance shaft

Ben Sprout render

The Podworks is a room on SkyTown, Elysia in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The Podworks is the interior of the Emergency Evacuation Pod on the Spire Dock. Upon entrance, there is an L-shaped Morph Ball tunnel that ends with a lift going down into the room. Progress is impeded by metals that will melt if exposed to high temperature weapon fire. The room itself is square in shape, with a central square-shaped tower containing an almost eye-like construct. A damaged circuit board is by each side; the one on the right is covered by a plating that must be ripped off. A final circuit board is found within the tower, blocked by a fragile gate that can be ripped off. Repairing of all boards causes two cables to light up and bring power to the Pod, while a robotic voice says "Escape pod online."


Ben Sprout wireframe render elysia spire dock maintenance shaft

To destroy the Leviathan Shield Generators for the Elysia Seed, Samus Aran was required to utilize the Spire Dock, since she could not reach them with her Gunship. After fending off a Space Pirate attack, Samus began the destruction sequence for the Dock. The Spire released an Emergency Evacuation Pod for her to escape with, however due to unknown reasons (likely old age or tampering by another party) the Pod malfunctioned, forcing Samus to work quickly to repair it as the Spire would drop the Theronian bomb in five minutes. To repair the Pod, Samus had to fuse three circuit boards with her Plasma Beam. After the repairs were made, Steamspiders would begin invading the Podworks, though they pose little threat to Samus. She had to return the way she came in and activate the Pod, escaping just before the destruction of the Leviathan Shield, and the Spire Dock.

After the Pod lands back on SkyTown, the Podworks can no longer be accessed since the Pod is locked in the Escape Pod Bay.

Connecting roomsEdit



Circuit board
"Circuit board is exposed and malfunctioning. Repairs to damaged sections necessary."
Middle circuit board
"Circuit board operates escape pod systems. Repair board to bring pod systems back online."

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