ULF 62

The first trio in Pyrosphere.

The Pow is a small, harmless species of luminescent flying insect encountered on-board the BOTTLE SHIP. The creatures are noted for appearing around hidden items. Pow travel in small swarms and appear three times in Metroid: Other M. The first encounter occurs in the Pyrosphere, just after Samus avoids the Vorash when it destroys a section of the skyway. These Pow guide Samus to an Energy Part hidden in the wall. In the second encounter, they inhabit the room in the Cryosphere where the first Gigafraug is encountered and hover around in the air, indicating an Energy Tank that can be obtained later. They are only in the seen Cryosphere after the Speed Booster is obtained. They later reappear in the Pyrosphere, this time in the large, central, lava-filled room, hovering in front of a rock spire that can be destroyed with a Power Bomb to reveal a Missile Tank. They consist of spherical yellow lights from which protrude four small wings, and hover in place regardless of who or what is nearby. Wherever they appear, there is a pickup item nearby, and they are completely invulnerable to all attacks.

The only occurrence of their name is in the Japanese Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M, which also names the Wadge and Zuru.


  • Pow are physically almost identical to the Fairies featured in Nintendo's Legend Of Zelda series and serve a similar function (pointing out potential collectible items and power-ups).
  • Pow bear a considerable resemblance to moths on Aether.
  • The creatures always appear in groups of three.
  • If Samus touches a Pow while in Morph Ball form, it will briefly cease glowing and fall a short distance before recovering. This will not occur if Samus is in bipedal form.
  • Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition refers to Pow as "fireflies" on page 77.


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