Samus Aran's Power Beam (パワービーム Pawā Bīmu?), known as the Normal Beam (ノーマルビーム Nōmaru Bīmu?) in the 2D games, is her basic weapon made of Chozo technology, and it comes with her Power Suit. The Power Beam does little damage to more powerful enemies, although it can easily kill weaker enemies. The scans from the Metroid Prime Trilogy states that the beam is good at clearing the room of weaker enemies.

Power Beam Echoes

The Power Beam in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Also, depending on the suit she wears, the upgrades she possesses and the situation she is in, she can sometimes absorb things in her environment using her suit and transfer the power to her beam. This ability is demonstrated in Super Metroid, when she gains the powerful Hyper Beam to defeat Mother Brain (though the weapon was first acquired by the Baby and then transferred to her Arm Cannon), in Metroid Prime when she acquires the Phazon Beam to defeat the Metroid Prime, and in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, when she draws in with the Charge Beam shards of pure Phazon shot at her by Dark Samus and fired them back at her dark nemesis.

In Metroid Prime Hunters, Samus's beam has a rapid-fire effect. It fires three shots at once, then a fourth, before beginning to charge.

On a side note, in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt the Power Beam used an ammunition system. This is the only game where it has done so. If the player ran out of ammo they would no longer be able to fire the Power Beam fully automatically, and would be unable to use Missiles. This may have been a product of the training hologram, however.

Metroid (2002 manga)Edit

The Power Beam,as depicted in the manga, packs considerably less power than ancient Chozo weapons despite being a recently-made one. This is seen when Samus first used it on Mother Brain's Zebetite shields, revealing they were immune to it, but when Grey Voice attacked with a century-old weapon, it was able to penetrate the shields.

Metroid Prime HuntersEdit

In Metroid Prime Hunters, the Power Beam has infinite ammo but is weak offensively; however makes up with rapid fire (especially in Story Mode). A normal shot does around 6 damage. The Power Beam is a popular weapon with many MPH players, especially in small arenas without the Imperialist. As with many other weapons, the Power Beam does more damage with a headshot.

Official dataEdit

Official Metroid Prime websiteEdit

Power Beam Parasite Queen Magmoor

Samus using the Power Beam in Metroid Prime.

Weapon effect: Highly effective offensive tool

Weapon range: 3-10 m

Weapon potential: High

"The Power Beam is the basic energy unit produced by Samus Aran's standard Arm Cannon. The Power Beam is expelled from Samus' Arm Cannon. Close observation indicates that this is the Bounty Hunter's most frequently used offensive tool. The Power Beam may be charged, dramatically increasing the weapon's effectiveness. Ineffective against advanced shields and engineered enemies."

Metroid Prime manualEdit

"This is Samus's standard beam, which you can fire continuously by rapidly tapping the A Button. As with all beam weapons, the Power Beam becomes much stronger once Samus finds the Charge Beam power-up. Once Samus has found the Charge Beam, press and hold the A Button to charge up her shot, then release the A Button to fire a powerful blast."

Inventory dataEdit


Power Beam

Metroid Prime Series

Inventory entry

The Power Beam is the default Arm Cannon. It has the best rate of fire.
Press GC C-stick up/Wii + button to select the Power Beam as your active weapon.

Samus's Notes

The Power Beam can be used to open Blue Doors.
If you see your shots ricochet, cease fire. The Power Beam is not working against that target.
Unlike previous versions, this model of the Power Beam has been augmented with a Charge module. Charged shots are more powerful and deal more damage than normal shots.
Charging also has a limited "tractor beam" that will pull small objects to you.*
You can use the Power Beam to quickly clear an area of weak foes.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes manualEdit

"Fire the Power Beam continuously by rapidly tapping the A Button. It becomes much stronger when Samus uses the Charge Beam. Hold the A Button to charge (which also engages a tractor beam effect that draws power-ups toward Samus), then release it. The Power Beam can open blue hatches and has infinite ammo."

Metroid Fusion manualEdit

"This is the standard beam Samus possesses at the beginning of the game."

Fusion websiteEdit

"Samus's standard Energy Beam is sufficient for defeating weaker enemies encountered early in the mission. Samus will need to upgrade, however, before facing more dangerous creatures."

Metroid: Zero Mission manualEdit

"This is Samus' standard beam weapon."

Metroid Prime: Hunters Logbook entryEdit

Power Beam

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

The standard-issue POWER BEAM has limited defensive capability and unlimited ammunition. As with all charge weapons, press and hold the FIRE button to attract energy and ammo, and to charge up the shot. Release to fire a powerful blast. This weapon overheats quickly and works best when fired in controlled spurts.

Metroid: Other M On-Screen TutorialEdit

Press 1 to fire your beam.

Metroid: Other M manualEdit

"Press 1 to fire a beam. Press and hold 1 and release to fire a powerful Charge Beam."

Metroid: Other M Samus Screen dataEdit

"Controls: Fire with 1.
Press and hold 1 until fully charged and release to shoot a Charge Beam." for Metroid: Other MEdit

Normal Beam/Charge BeamEdit

Samus' standard hand cannon can wipe out the more common creatures infesting the Bottleship, while an added charge function ups the damage quotient significantly.

* The sentences about the Charge Beam and tractor beam are included in Corruption.


  • In the main series the Power Beam is more commonly referred to as the Normal Beam.
  • In the original Metroid, the Normal Beam and the Ice Beam deal the exact same amount of damage.  However due to the Ice Beam's bizarre freezing/unfreezing nature, enemies must be hit twice as many times with the frigid projectile.
  • Though Samus required the Long Beam upgrade in the original Metroid to fire all the way across the screen, in all subsequent games (save Metroid: Zero Mission) this attribute is a natural ability of the Normal Beam.
  • In the classic trilogy (Metroid, Metroid II: Return of Samus, and Super Metroid), the player can hold the fire button (prior to acquiring the Charge Beam in Super Metroid) to repeatedly fire Samus' beam.
  • In the Metroid Prime series, the beams affected the Arm Cannon in their own unique way when charging. In the case of the Power Beam, beams of light would appear from the sides of the Arm Cannon. In the New Play Control! and Metroid Prime Trilogy versions of Metroid Prime, this effect is absent. However, this graphical effect is retained in the re-releases of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
    • Another, less noticeable effect that is not present in Trilogy version of Metroid Prime is the heat waves which emanate from the Arm Cannon after rapid-firing the Power Beam.
  • In Metroid: Zero Mission, an uncharged shot from the Power Beam does 1 unit of damage.
  • This is also true in the Echoes multiplayer mode.
  • In Metroid Prime, the Power Beam was modeled and skinned by Gene Kohler.
  • Chozo Ghosts are immune to all natural forms of energy, yet are vulnerable to the Power Beam. The Power Beam is therefore an unnatural form of energy.
  • In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Power Beam is presented as being more powerful during cutscenes than it is during gameplay. Samus is seen killing Pirate Troopers in a single shot, while in game play it takes 20 shots or two fully charged shots.



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