MF PowerGrip

Samus hanging from a ledge in Metroid Fusion.

The Power Grip is an item received in Metroid: Zero Mission that enables Samus to grab onto ledges with her left arm. While holding onto a ledge, Samus could either pull herself up, aim and shoot or jump from one ledge to another. If the Morph Ball has been acquired, Samus could pull herself into tight spaces by automatically shifting into ball form as she entered them.

In Metroid Fusion, the Power Grip ability is not required to grab ledges while in the Fusion Suit (as well as the Zero Suit in Metroid Zero Mission). Samus can once again grip ledges, but can also climb ladders found throughout the game. Strangely, she could only aim and shoot while grabbed onto ladders, but not when hanging from a ledge as her sprite animation showed that Samus used both her arms when holding onto a platform (contrary to her official artwork on the right). Although the Power Grip item is not included in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, there are certain green magnetic ledges which allow Samus to pull herself onto platforms (in different ways) and into tight spaces; the latter will automatically shift Samus into ball form just as in Zero Mission and Fusion.

In Metroid: Other M and Metroid: Samus Returns, Samus seemingly begins with the Power Grip and utilizes it in the same way as in other games. In Other M Samus can use different Grab Ledges which are attached to walls to pull herself up. Additionally, if Samus falls off or does not manage to land on a ledge, she can grab the ledge and pull herself up, without the need for a Grab Ledge.

Official dataEdit


"This upgrade gives Samus the strength to grab onto and hang from ledges after jumping toward them."

Samus Screen dataEdit

"Grab and hang from ledges and corners."

In other gamesEdit


Metroid: Other M

  • Samus first demonstrated this ability in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee before the mechanic was introduced to the main series in Metroid Fusion and made into an upgrade in Metroid: Zero Mission. Super Smash Bros. Brawl continues this tradition with all of the characters. This makes it one of a few aspects that originated in Super Smash Bros. and later appeared in Metroid. Other examples include the Prime-style Space Jump Boots and the Paralyzer's name.
  • Samus was intended to appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga at Starbeans Cafe with other Nintendo characters. Dialog remains in the game's code- "Cashier: Whoa! A power outage? Yikes! Samus Aran! I see you're rocking and rolling as usual! ...Looks like your energy tanks are empty! Sorry, but can't you give your Hoolumbian to Samus? Oh! Feeling better?" She would then give the player an Energy Tank in exchange for the drink. Ultimately, most of the items were replaced with similar ones in the final game, though the Energy Tank became a Power Grip accessory.
    • Power grip"By holding the Hammer button while defending (when a character has the Power Grip equipped), that character will never drop the Hammer, making countering enemies easier."


  • While Metroid Fusion is the first game to feature the Power Grip, Metroid: Zero Mission is the first and only game to contain the item as a power-up.
Power Grip Deceit Du Jour

In Deceít Du Jour, Samus is seen grabbing a ledge, the earliest known depiction of the Power Grip.

  • A possible reason why the Power Grip was not required in Fusion was simply because Samus' suit had become much lighter after losing the majority of its armor pieces which made up most of its bulk (this was also the case with Zero Suit Samus in Zero Mission) following the X Parasite infection, thus allowing her to pull herself up using her own strength. Further proof is the fact that Prime 3 's scan of the Grab Ledge states that it energizes Samus's suit through her left arm to give her the necessary strength to climb a ledge.
  • The Chozo Statue holding the Power Grip in Zero Mission had a unique design not seen in any other statues throughout the game.
  • The Power Grip, despite being collected in Zero Mission, is missing from Samus's armor in the games chronologically taking place before Other M. However, missing items is a constant inconsistency present throughout the Metroid series. Super Metroid, in particular, is currently the only game that offers no explanation for the disappearance of every single power-up she had previously collected.


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