Pressure plate

M01: Outpost

A pressure plate is a door mechanism that appears prominently in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. They are usually set before an important area in a mission, and in a set of at up to 4 depending on how many Federation Force soldiers are deployed. Pressure plates are connected to a door and must be stepped on in order to open the door. A distinctive jingle is heard when the door unlocks. If 4 soldiers are in play, all 4 plates will need to be activated before they can proceed; this number lowers if there are 3 or less soldiers. This is for balancing purposes. It also makes them similar to the Extractor that is deployed at the end of a mission. Pressure plates are present on all three planets in the Bermuda System, in most of the game's missions.

Combat Sim tutorialEdit

"Stand on the pressure pad to open the air lock."

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