The Processing Center Access is a room in the Phazon Mines, in the game Metroid Prime. Access through the room is blocked by a heavy-duty Security Gate. Behind the gate is a small cave, the floor of which is completely covered with Phazon. The gate's purpose is likely a safety mechanism to prevent unshielded workers from coming into contact with the substance.

It can be accessed by Samus after the defeat of the Omega Pirate. After this, she will have the Phazon Suit to render the Phazon completely harmless. An Energy Tank sits right near the entrance from the Elite Quarters in the center of the tunnel. The large gate lies after the Tank, requiring Samus to scan an Interface Module to open it. Since the gate can only be opened from the Elite Quarters side, the Elite Quarters can not be accessed early by Samus via the Phazon Processing Center except through Sequence Breaking.

Connecting roomsEdit

Processing Center Access

Energy Tank


Energy Tank
See above.


Interface Module
"Security Gate disengaged. Access granted."

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