Processor Core (Level) 1

Processor Core is a multiplayer level found in the MPH Multiplayer. It is based on the room of the same name in the story mode of Metroid Prime Hunters. It has two floors, and is a small level. Two lava processors exist in the room, akin to its base level. Both have open sections containing Jump Pads to reach the top. There is a bridge connecting one processor to the other on the top level, and the top level also has two Alt-Form tunnels. It is one of a handful of levels to have the Death-Alt upgrade, and also has Double Damage.


Processor Core (Level) 2

With two towers in a tight oval, the Processor Core has a lot of sight lines and a few much-contested blind spots.



Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

Trace's color allows him to blend into the Processor Core's environment. He can climb up to the upper ledge, and train his Imperialist on enemies while looking out over the arena's expanse.


Using his Dialanche alt-form, Spire can reach the tower's Node Ring faster than any other hunter, and reclaim his position at the peak with ease. He can also knock hunters off the summit using Magmaul shots.


  • When firing a charged missile, Magmaul, or Battlehammer shot at the ground while walking backward into the Alt-Form tunnel, the hunter is able to walk small distances until being stopped by another spot to use explosive-launching. If Weavel is being played, it is possible to get out of the tunnel by entering his Halfturret. When in this Secret World, it is possible to hit the Jump Pad that is in the actual level, but not the walls. This Secret World is quite confusing.

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