Psycho Bit v1.0 is a type of Psycho Bit. There are two versions of Psycho Bit v1.0. The gray version shoots blasts similar to the Power Beam, while the green version shoots blasts similar to the Battlehammer.

Logbook entryEdit

Psycho Bit v1.0

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

A levitating spherical sentry droid equipped with 360-degree sensors and a low-level teleportation device. The basic silver model fires an energy blast, whereas the advanced green model features a HEAVY-DUTY gun powered by a nanoscale nuclear reactor.


The capital "HEAVY-DUTY" is capitalized because it means Battlehammer. The best weapon that could be used against them would be the Volt Driver.

Version differencesEdit

Aside from the color and munitions differences stated in the Logbook entry, the green Psycho Bit v1.0 also take more damage before being defeated. It should be noted that in rooms where both versions of Psycho Bit v1.0s spawn from teleportation devices that the two types are not interchangeable, silver Psycho Bit v1.0s will only spawn from certain generators as will green Psycho Bit v1.0s. They will never spawn from their counterpart's generator.


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