Psycho Bit v2.0

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The Psycho Bit v2.0 is a spherical sentry robot developed by the Alimbic civilization. Like all other "Psycho Bit" class security drones, it is capable of teleporting to trouble spots and neutralizing threats with a single front-mounted weapons system (in this case a slow-firing high-voltage weapon identical in capabilities to Kanden's fully-charged Volt Driver). It is the third-most-durable Psycho Bit version, but possesses the same weakness to the Battlehammer and similar weapons as Kanden and all other users of high-voltage weaponry. Units are only ever encountered in the upper levels of the Celestial Archives.

Logbook entryEdit

Psycho Bit v2.0

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

A leviating spherical sentry droid equipped with 360-degree sensors and a low-level teleportation device. This model uses a HIGH-VOLTAGE electromagnetic pulse to drain energy from its target.

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