Psycho Bit 3.0

The Psycho Bit v3.0 is a spherical sentry robot developed by the Alimbic civilization. Like all other "Psycho Bit" class security drones, it is capable of teleporting to critical areas and neutralizing threats with a single front-mounted weapons system (in this case a slow-firing magma-based lobber similar to a charged, non-affinity Magmaul shot). It is the second-most-durable Psycho Bit version, but possesses the same weakness to the Judicator and similar weapons as Spire and all other users of high-temperature weaponry. Units are only ever encountered deep within the volcanic ruins of Alinos.

Logbook entryEdit

Psycho Bit v3.0

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Similar in design to earlier models, this version fires SUPERHEATED MAGMA at its target.

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