Psycho Bit v4.0

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Psycho Bit 4.0

The Psycho Bit v4.0 is a spherical sentry robot developed by the Alimbic civilization. Like all other "Psycho Bit" class security drones, it is capable of teleporting to trouble spots and neutralizing threats with a single front-mounted weapons system (in this case a variant of the Judicator capable of firing three uncharged shots in quick succession that retain the freezing ability of a charged affinity blast). It is the most durable Psycho Bit version, but possesses the same weakness to the Magmaul and similar weapons as Noxus and all other users of low-temperature weaponry. Units are encountered in small numbers on both Arcterra and the Vesper Defense Outpost.

Logbook entryEdit

Psycho Bit v4.0

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Cryogenic nanite technology enables this advanced sentry droid to freeze its prey with SUPERCOOLED PLASMA.

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