SM Poylps

Puromi on bottom left.

Puromi are an enemy encountered in Super Metroid, in the lower levels of Norfair surrounding Ridley - they are confined to a single room containing many breakable pillars and continually rising lava. Each individual consists of a line of eight large, glowing orange spheres which "leap" out of the lava in a low arc, passing unhindered through walls and obstacles and damaging Samus should she come into contact with them. They are impervious to all weapons, although the Screw Attack allows Samus to pass through them without taking damage.

They are only named in the game's debug code.


  • Puromi bear a strong resemblance to the Polyps of the original Metroid in appearance, habitat, and (somewhat) behavior. It is possible that the two species are somehow related.
  • The entities move in a circular motion in groups of eight, similarly to a Luminoth mechanoid known as the Octopede.
  • The Puromi themselves seem visually synthetic in nature. They may in fact be artificial beings as well.

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