Black Door

A purple hatch.

A purple hatch is a Door that can only be opened by using the Dark Beam. They are only found in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. After shooting a purple hatch, the energy covering it will disrupt and dissipate, allowing Samus to enter the next room.

Purple hatches are very common on both planet Aether and Dark Aether, much like its counterpart. While these hatches are more black with only a hint of purple in color, the instruction manual refers to them as "purple hatches." Multi-Lock Blast Shields in the same game use a purple color. On the map screen, these hatches are displayed as black, as Seeker-Missile doors are displayed in purple. [1]

List of rooms with purple hatchesEdit


"There is a Blast Shield on the door blocking access. Analysis indicates that the Blast Shield is invulnerable to most weapons. Dark energy may damage it."