These are the items that appeared in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere.

Major ItemsEdit

Ice BeamEdit

When Samus escapes from the Vorash, she will run into a room with a bunch of enemies. After a while, Adam will authorize the Ice Beam.

Varia SuitEdit

Adam will authorize the Varia Suit after Samus reaches the top of the Crater Interior.

Grapple BeamEdit

Samus is authorized to use the Grapple Beam when the Rhedogian is attacking Anthony Higgs. She will be authorized upon looking at the Grapple Point.

Super MissileEdit

The Super Missile is authorized in the Geothermal Power Plant. After looking for the exit and being trapped, Samus looks for the magma-eruption port. After finding it, Adam will authorize Super Missiles to activate it.

Plasma BeamEdit

After destroying the magma-eruption port, Samus will be authorized to use the Plasma Beam to defeat Ridley.

Energy TankEdit

In plain sight atop the stairwell just before the Geothermal Power Plant.

Energy PartsEdit

Energy Part 1Edit

After the Vorash attempts to eat Samus at the start of her trek through the Pyrosphere, she must proceed into the next darkened room and find a ledge illuminated by several Pow, then roll through a network of tunnels beside the Pow. The Part is at the end.

Energy Part 2Edit

Near the door to the Floor Observation Room in the large heated area is a protruding cliff on the lava. Samus must enter the tunnel leading into the cliff and destroy a grate.

Energy Part 3Edit

Just before entering the Crater Interior, Samus must roll into the small Morph Ball hatch on the right of the room above and navigate through the floor to find this Part. It may be helpful for withstanding the heat until the Varia Suit is authorized.

Energy Part 4Edit

On the other side of a lava-filled room Samus was initially unable to cross due to lack of Grapple Beam, she can jump off the side of the platform into a small tunnel, which has the Part at the end.

Energy Part 5Edit

In the room where Anthony was threatened by a Rhedogian, Samus must dismantle a Super Missile blast shield (opposite the Power Bomb one) and activate the terminal inside. This will open a hatch high up on the other side of the room and summon a second Grapple Point for Samus to use. The Part is in the opened chamber.

Missile TanksEdit

Missile Tank 1Edit

Samus will come across a sand-filled corridor inhabited by Dessgeegas which also contains numerous heat exhaust vents that shut on and off. Samus must freeze the one that never shuts off and climb inside, then bomb a small crate.

Missile Tanks 2 and 3Edit

In the Floor Observation Room, Samus must roll under the staircase to the raised platform at the back to find this Tank. In the hall directly outside, she must find a hatch in the wall and roll through a tunnel to find the second Tank, again in the Observation Room.

Missile Tank 4Edit

During the Morph Ball portion of the Desert Refinery ascension, Samus will find that the tunnel branches. The Tank is off to the right.

Missile Tank 5Edit

Samus must descend the shaft after the Ridley battle until she finds a tunnel in the left wall, leading to this mysteriously-placed Tank.

Missile Tank 6Edit

At the top of the room where the Rhedogian attacked Anthony, Samus must destroy a Power Bomb blast shield, kill the Desbrachian it summons and proceed into the opened chamber.

Missile Tank 7Edit

Samus must clear out the robotic generators in the penultimate corridor before the Geothermal Power Plant and build up a run. She must run through to the room before this (not the one before the Plant) and Shinespark up the ceiling. As she falls, she must Space Jump to the right corner.

Missile Tank 8Edit

In the darkened room connecting to the large main area (which also contains an Energy Part), Samus must blast open the shield on the ramp leading to the lower part of the lava cavern, and then enter the opening to find the Tank ahead.

Missile Tank 9Edit

Back at the top of the glass hallway ruined after the Vorash attack, Samus must spot a sensor outside and shoot it with the Wave Beam. This will open a hatch in the floor, with the Tank at the end of a tunnel under the hallway.

Missile Tank 10Edit

The Pow can help to indicate the location of this item. Samus must go to the northeast area of the massive lava ocean area and use a Power Bomb to destroy several stalagmites. One of these contains the Tank.

Missile Tanks 11 and 12Edit

Descending the first shaft after the Navigation Booth, Samus must Space Jump across the lava pond to find the Tank on a platform further on. In another shaft nearby, Samus must blast open a Super Missile shield at the top and climb up.

Missile Tank 13Edit

This Tank is in plain view in a room in the experimental simulated desert area. This room is most infamous for being home to the Pyrosphere Door Glitch. Samus can Space Jump down to the Tank in its alcove.

Accel ChargesEdit

Accel Charge 1Edit

In the same room where Adam authorizes the Ice Beam, Samus must examine the three pods on the ground. Destroying the one closest to the Fly Pod will reveal a Morph Ball launcher. The launcher will fire Samus up to a hidden chamber in the ceiling, in which the Charge resides.

Accel Charge 2Edit

The Pyrosphere's second Accel Charge resides in the entrance room to the Geothermal Power Plant. Samus must find a Grapple Point in Search View and swing with it into an alcove.

Accel Charge 3Edit

Back in the first corridor that Samus dropped down following the Exam Center, she must destroy a Power Bomb blast shield and kill the Desbrachian summoned, then enter the room it was blocking.

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