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Pyrosphere SSB4

Pyrosphere is a stage featured in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It is based on area of the same name in Metroid: Other M, specifically, the Geothermal Power Plant.


Ridley Revealed in SSB4

Ridley on the stage.

The Pyrosphere is based on the Geothermal Power Plant room in Other M where Samus Aran fought Ridley. In Wii U, the area features mainly the same appearance, retaining the bridge that Ridley burns down, the magma-eruption port that Samus destroys to light the area, and the hole in the wall created by Ridley's escape. The hole has been moved slightly to the right and there is another hole to the right of the door for unknown reasons. Four floating platforms and two purple canisters on either side of the main platform have been added to the stage that were not present in Other M and the stage has been slightly upped in detail due to the Wii U's greater graphical capacity. In his Miiverse post, Masahiro Sakurai stated "An enemy from Samus's past may appear at any second..." foreshadowing Ridley's role in the game as a stage hazard. In the April 2014 Nintendo Direct, Ridley's shadow could be seen on the stage.

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Samus fighting Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Fox.

The 50 Must See Things video in October 2014 confirmed Ridley's role, as well as the appearance of FG II-Graham robots, Joulions and Zero. Ridley acts as an AI fighter that will fight alongside a character that attacks him enough. He can be KO'd and he counts towards the KOs at the end of the match. In addition, Ridley can transform into a more powerful form referred to as 'Meta-Ridley', although unlike in the Prime Series he will not gain any cybernetic enhancements and instead glows with a purple aura.

In "For Glory" mode, Pyrosphere becomes flat like Final Destination. As with Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths and Frigate Orpheon, the magma in this stage does not rise and fall.

A title update on January 29, 2015 enabled Pyrosphere to be usable in the game's 8-Player Smash mode.


A number of songs that were featured on Frigate Orpheon in Super Smash Bros. Brawl have been moved to Pyrosphere, since the Orpheon stage does not return in Wii U. An asterisk (*) denotes those songs.

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Smash TipsEdit

  • Pyrosphere"If Ridley is knocked down, he'll help out whoever defeated him! However, he can still be attacked while battling for a fighter."
  • Pyrosphere"The bulbous Joulions that fall from above will puff up and explode. You can deal serious damage to Ridley with this explosion."
  • Pyrosphere"The flying machines in this stage are called FG II-Grahams. They'll fire lasers if attacked, which can deal a lot of damage to Ridley!"
  • Pyrosphere"You won't get a free stock for beating Ridley in a stock battle, but you will get a KO for beating him in a timed one!"

Prima Official Game GuideEdit

"Inspired by: Metroid: Other M
This relatively small stage features several unique elements - the most important of which is a large dragon-like creature named Ridley. When Ridley appears, he attacks fighters, often destroying smaller platforms in the process. Although it’s possible to simply evade this powerful enemy, attacking him can yield some surprising results.

As Ridley takes damage, each fighter’s contribution is recorded. If and when Ridley absorbs enough damage, he fights alongside the player who dealt the most damage. After this happens, however, fighters can continue to damage Ridley in an effort to change his allegiance. It’s also important to note the slug-like creatures that sometimes appear can be thrown at Ridley to deal heavy damage, attacking floating turrets cause them to fire, and defeating a hovering Joulion causes it to explode."


  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the second fighting game to feature the Pyrosphere as a stage, after Dead or Alive: Dimensions. In that iteration, it lacked the floating platforms and featured Samus and Ridley as stage hazards.
  • Pyrosphere, Boxing Ring (Punch-Out!!) and Green Hill Zone (Sonic) share the distinction of being stages in the Wii U game and in other fighting games.

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