Pirate Trooper Echoes

A Space Pirate Trooper armed with a Photonic Power Scythe and a Quantum Assault Cannon. It appears that the weapon is mounted inside the right claw, as the weapon is not visible in this image but the weapon fire comes from this area.

The Quantum Assault Cannon is the primary weapon used by the Space Pirate Troopers in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.[citation needed] In terms of operation, it is extremely similar to the Galvanic Accelerator Cannon that is used by the Troopers in the original Metroid Prime. When activated, it fires short bursts of yellow-orange energy bolts. The Galactic Federation currently does not know how the Quantum Assault Cannon operates. It is possible that the weapons are based off of Samus' Power Beam, as their projectile appearances look nearly identical, as well as the fact that the Pirates had already reverse-engineered Samus' weaponry at the time that Metroid Prime occurred.

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