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Metroid-prime-2-echoes-20041021102553484 640w

Early screenshot showing a Randomizer. Notably, this image was taken in singleplayer mode, likely using debug features to access multiplayer maps.

A Randomizer is a machine resembling a Save Station that appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes' multiplayer mode. There are two in each stage; stepping into one will award Samus with a random power up.

Some powerups include:

  • Unlimited Super Missile Ammo - Fire unlimited, fully charged Super Missiles.
  • Massive Damage - Damage done to an opponent is increased.
  • Unlimited Missile Ammo
  • Unlimited Beam Ammo
  • Unlimited Power Bomb Ammo
  • Invisibility - Renders Samus invisible to the naked eye for a short time. Can be countered with the Dark Visor.
  • Invincible Mode - Renders Samus invincible to enemy attacks for a short time, except for collisions with opponents in Kinetic Orb Cannons.
  • Death Ball - Covers Samus' Morph Ball in a deadly sheath of energy for a short time, similar to the Hyper Ball or Death-Alt.
  • Hacker Mode - Is used in the same manner as the Scan Visor. Allows Samus to plant an energy draining virus in the enemy's armor. It deactivates after a short time or once all enemies have been infected by it.



The symbol seen in Randomizers.

  • The question mark symbol in the Randomizer also strongly resembles the letter "N" in the Luminoth language.

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