Reactor-maintenance system

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Reactor-maintenance system

A reactor-maintenance system is found on either side of the entrance to the Sanctuary Fortress Reactor Core in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The system can be viewed through a window. Scanning it reveals that the mechanisms are still functioning, although on low supplies. It is also revealed that the machine has so far withstood exposure to radiation, but continued exposure would ultimately lead to shutdown. This is one of the many mechanisms in the Sanctuary Fortress that have gone unmaintained following the Luminoth abandonment of the Fortress due to its takeover by the Ing.


"Object scan complete.
Object is part of a reactor-maintenance system.
These servomechanisms continue to function, despite a lack of supplies. Radiation levels have not crippled the units, but continued exposure will eventually lead to a decline in efficiency and, ultimately, shutdown."

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