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The Refinery Access is a room in Bryyo Fire, on planet Bryyo, that appears in. Inside the room, some Shelbugs, Small Bryyo Coffers and a Bryyo Data enry, titled "Prophecy". Between the two Orange Doors at each end of the room, there is a small raised point that Samus must use her Space Jump Boots to leap over.

Connecting roomsEdit



"As time slowly passed, I grew old; even the combined power of magic and science couldn't cheat death forever. In order to preserve Bryyo's environment, I would need a successor. Finding one was a daunting task, for most of the folk saw me as a monster. Time passed quickly as I searched, and my efforts appeared to be in vain. Seemingly by chance, I found a young Primal wandering the wastelands and rescued her. But this was not a chance encounter. She was a prophetess, tirelessly searching for the last Lord of Science to speak to about her visions. In her dreams she saw a starborne death coming to Bryyo, and with her vision came a plea to save her world. Based on her information, I began work on improving the existing decontamination equipment to help prepare a defense for Bryyo against the eventual catastrophe."

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