Repair Bay Shaft is a hallway on the GFS Olympus between Docking Bay 5 and a portion of the Olympus' conveyor belt system with an extendable bridge connecting it to Repair Bay A. This room was a site of heavy battle against the Space Pirate forces, for Gandrayda intervened in the Space Pirate assault. By the time Samus arrives in the room Gandrayda and most of the Pirates on the upper walkway are gone. A Federation Marine was under fire behind a crate from two Aeromines on the side of the shaft connected to Docking Bay 5. If Samus returned here from Repair Bay A and re-extended the bridge using 4 switches quickly enough, the Aeromines would become distracted join with 6 others, and attack Samus, though they could easily kill the marine if Samus took too much time. After this, Samus can enter Save Station B, and then continue on to Docking Bay 5 to finally reach her Gunship. A number of Galactic Federation Crates and a GF Heavy Cargo Truck lay near the Federation Marine.

If the Marine is not saved but Samus uses the Save Room, quits the game, and then restarts from the Save Room, it is possible for there to be a glitch where the Marine will still be alive, but will merely stand still and cannot be spoken to.

Connecting roomsEdit



Blue Credit
Saving the Federation Marine from the Aeromine attack will allow Samus to receive the Blue Credit.


Hand Scanner
"Control terminal operates the nearby cargo-bay doors. Control terminal is online."
GF Heavy Cargo Truck
"GF Heavy Cargo Truck. Used to transport equipment and vehicles throughout the ship."

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