Research Lab Hydra

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Research Lab Hydra
Phendrana Drifts Screenshot (124)
The bottom of the lab
Game Metroid Prime
Planet/Ship Tallon IV
Area Phendrana Drifts
Notable features Computer terminals, Force Field, Xenome Containment Units, Cordite cylinder, walkways, elevator, darkness
Significance Location of a Missile Expansion, 4 Pirate Data entries
Enemies/wildlife Space Pirates, Auto Defense Turret, Shadow Pirates, Metroids

Research Lab Hydra is a room in the Glacier One complex of the Phendrana Drifts explored by Samus during the events of Metroid Prime. On entry, a Force Field blocks off most of the room; this can be removed by scanning a panel to the right. This opens up the lower floor of the lab, which contains multiple Xenome Containment Units, and piles of crates and computer terminals off to the sides; on this floor, there are four Pirate Data entries for the Log Book. Three Space Pirates are there to attack Samus.

To reach the upper levels, Samus must activate the elevator on the far side of the room by scanning another panel. Here, walkways lead up to higher platforms, with Space Pirates on the way, some dropping from the ceiling. At the top, there are more computers with another Log Book entry, crates, another Space Pirate and an Auto Defense Turret.

Once the Thermal Visor has been collected, the room is dark. A stasis tank at each of the top and the bottom of the room contains a Metroid and the Space Pirates are replaced by Shadow Pirates.

The top floor features a cylindrical structure made of Cordite containing a Missile Expansion inside. It must be destroyed with a Super Missile to gain the expansion.

A Chomper Fish can be seen on a metal "table" in the second level of the room, presumably as an experiment or meal for a Pirate.

Connecting roomsEdit


Research Lab Hydra

The lower floor, with its Space Pirates and stasis tanks

Before Thermal VisorEdit

With Thermal VisorEdit


Missile Expansion
Destroy the Cordite column with a Super Missile. The Missile Expansion lies within.


Phendrana Drifts Screenshot (126)

Chasm in the centre of the ground floor.

"Specimen 070 >> Optimal absorption mutation has led to unexpected degeneration of internal organs."
"Cordite casing of column appears weak."
"Daily decontamination is now required for all personnel working in Lab Aether."
Glacial Wastes
"Research outpost Glacier One in Phendrana Drifts region of Tallon IV's mountains is operating at 85% capacity. Sub-zero temperatures have made the Metroids sluggish and easy to control, even those well into Phazon infusion cycles. Cold containment status are sufficient for the juveniles, but some of the larger Metroids have been moved to quarantine caves for safety purposes. Security doors remain an issue, as malfunctions due to ice occur everyday. Large predators in the waster are also a concern, as they continue to kill personnel and breach secure areas. Unfortunately, it has become clear that our containment teams cannot neutralize all of them without a vast increase of munitions and soldiers."
"Tissue samples from stasis tanks must be hand-carried to Lab Hydra for analysis. Notify security of all materiel moves."
"Viral pathogens found in several Xenomes have been traced to Phazon batch 1664.2. Terminate all subjects."
"Strain 776-V has been successfully replicated. We have named it Strain Vertigo. Mutation of Beta Xenomes proceeding."
"Warning: Do not handle sedated Xenomes without proper ice containment equipment."
"Xenome behavioural patterns show decreased reflex activity at temperatures below freezing."
"Phazon batch 1734.0 shows mandible mutations across all subjects. Cross infusion with batch 1622.G recommended.
"Mutation strain 776-V shows massive absorption capacity influx. Strain replication is now under way."
"Prep work on all empty stasis tanks must be completed before specimen batch Y arrives on 12.312.2."
"Transfer of Specimen 344 to Lab Hydra complete. Further infusion suspended pending security assessment."
Empty Xenome Containment Unit
"Stasis tank operational but currently empty."
"Ice Beetle infestation in Ice Vault region has been 95% exterminated. Report any sightings to security immediately."
"Stasis tanks operating at 40% capacity. Temperature regulation errors have been rectified as of 12.112.4."
"Acess to Research Lab Aether limited to Team Sclera only. Personnel bound for Holo-observatory must use West Elevator."
"Increased acidity levels recorded in Phazon amniotic bath. This is likely a side effect of Phazon ingestion by test subjects."
"Phazon fluid bath levels at 70%. Checking diagnostics per procedure 12.003.8."
Parasite Larva
"Our initial tests exposing Tallon IV's indigenous parasites to Phazon appears to be successful. Increases in size, strength and aggressiveness are common in all test subjects, as well as unforeseen evolutions like addition poison sacs within the abdomen and the appearance of a second ring on mandible in several subjects. These creatures were chosen because of their resilience, and it appears possible that, given enough exposure to Phazon, they many be able to survive on any planet we transport them to. Our methods will have to be refined; we currently have 100% extinction rate after the forth infusion period, and most survivors of the third infusion stage are so violent and uncontrollable that they have to be euthanized. Even still, we remain hopeful that further experimentation will result in success."
"Specimen 043 >> Decreased viral signs. Cold damping appears stable."
"Specimen 029 >> Life signs normal. Pulse at 140%, mass increase of 4%."
"Specimen 102 >> Increased volatility recorded. Predator awareness indicated even in cold stasis."
Phazon Analysis
"We have codified the newfound energy source as Phazon, a V-index mutagen of which we have very little reliable data. Indications point to a meteor of unknown origins impacting an indeterminable time ago, expelling Phazon into the environment. This material appears so possess lifelike characteristics, mutating organic life-forms strong enough to withstand its poison. There mutations appear promising, with abrupt evolutionary leaps appearing in single-generation reproduction. Plans to establish a Science Team on Tallon IV are being finalized."
Mining Status
"Mining operations have begun near the crater where Phazon appears to be more concentrated. Daily Phazon yields have increased 44%, and our mining system becomes more streamlined as personnel and equipment flows increase. Several incidents of Phazon induced madness have been reported, prompting augmented life-support regulations in the deeper chambers. Symptoms include loss of equilibrium, erratic respiration, muscle spasms, and in the most extreme cases, hallucinations. A timeline reassessment for the refinery operation is recommended, as the material proves more unstable than initial analysis indicated."
"Xenome 5-a is undergoing relocation to Lab Hydra. Subject's transfer ordered after a pronounced increase in aberrant behavior. Security clearance ADR-13."
Security Breaches
"Most terraforming and retrofitting of security checkpoints on Tallon IV is complete, but we continue to research the alarming epidemic of breaches by local creatures. Door records show no unauthorized entries, so we must presume the creatures are either slipping in undetected during daily personnel moves or else finding their way through subterranean tunnels. We have found many small breaches of the latter sort and plug them whenever we can, but it is unlikely that we will ever achieve full extermination within our current timetable."
"Phazon infusion within central energy core of Xenome 5-a is at 70% saturation. Increased dosage appears viable."


In Greek mythology, a hydra was a multi-headed serpentlike beast dwelling in the waters, that was the guardian of the Underworld. For each head cut off it grew two more, until Hercules used a torch to burn each head, allowing him to kill the creature.


  • Page 39 of Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide misspells the room's name as "Research Lab Hydro".
  • After the Thermal Visor has been obtained, the lights are out. At this point, when entering the room from above, the stasis tank with the Metroid can be destroyed with a Missile. When this is done, the Metroid will kill the Space Pirates at the bottom first, before coming up and attacking Samus. This way, she only has to fight a Metroid.


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