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Reserve tank

A Reserve Tank (リサーブタンク Risābu Tanku) is a type of expansion that can be found only in Super Metroid. There are four reserve tanks found on Zebes in Brinstar, Norfair, the Wrecked Ship and Maridia.

As the name suggests, each Reserve Tank provides an "extra" energy reserve of 100 points, with a maximum reserve of 400 once Samus finds them all. They can be set to be used automatically once her base energy is reduced to zero, or to be used manually from the item screen in the menu.

Recharging Samus' energy at her ship can refill the reserve tanks, though recharging at an Energy Station will not. She must otherwise collect Energy Capsules from destroyed creatures to charge them, once her base energy tank capacity has already been maxed out.

Super Metroid manualEdit

"Reserve Tanks act as Samus’ emergency energy source. Reserves Tanks are empty when you collect them."


  • The Reserve Tanks behave the same way as the Sub Tanks do from the Megaman X series, altough this is the only game were they are used like that.

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