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MP2 multiplayer results screen

The Results Screen in Echoes.

The Results Screen is a screen that follows a multiplayer match in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid Prime Hunters and Blast Ball in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. As implied, it calculates the final results of the players and assigns ranks to each of them depending on how they fared during the match. Ranks are determined by several factors including the respective player's number of kills and deaths, items such as Bounty Coins collected, points scored or efficiency. The appearance of the Results Screen differs between Echoes and Hunters. In Echoes, all players control Samus Aran in differently colored Varia Suits. The winning players raise their Arm Cannon in the air, while the losing players look down in disappointment. The screen in Hunters is simpler, featuring a shot of Samus's lower torso in the background. The player is awarded a differently colored Screw Attack symbol depending on their rank, for example, gold for first place and silver for second.

Results Screen MPH

The Results Screen of two hunters in first and second place, Metroid Prime Hunters.

Metroid Prime Hunters manualEdit

"When time expires or the game requirements are met, the battle ends. Each player's rank appears on the Results screen. Select PLAY AGAIN to start the next game or QUIT to exit Multiplayer mode."

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